Skidmore's Biker Edition Restoration Cream

Long periods on the road can cause your leather to get dirty, fade and even crack. You spend good money on your biker gear, so protect the leather that protects you. Skidmore's Restoration Cream will keep your leather clean, conditioned and restore it. Keep all your leather durable and waterproof! Use on boots, chaps, jackets, and saddlebags. Good leather can get wet - just maintain it and it will last forever! Item Details
  • Easy to use and contains no animal products, silicones or driers
  • Made from 100% All Natural ingredients
  • Cleans, conditions and restores leather
  • Can also polish leather
  • Buy with Confidence and save big!
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1882 руб.
Размер Количество
- 97

Товар №: 10001466